Week 362 – How do you know my sister?

Okay, he couldn’t do this.

Tony couldn’t pretend that he was okay with delaying going after Natasha. There was no telling what would happen to her in that time, her brother was a monster and the men who worked for him would have no conscience.

He had to get what he could out of Brandon then he could go after her. Her big blue eyes, so trusting, believing in him even though she had zero reason to given how he’d grabbed her from her house and then dropped the bombshell of her brother’s true nature.

But like the brave woman she was Natasha had agreed to be part of this, to help in whatever way she could.

There was no way he could fail her even worse than he already had.

“The woman … she looked familiar,” he said to Brandon as he followed the other man inside and over to a staircase that led up to the second floor. “Kind of looks like … what was her name … Natalie? No Natasha.”

Throwing a wary look over his shoulder, Brandon continued up the stairs. “How do you know my sister?”

“Your sister? Didn’t know you were related. She works at the same company as me. She’s the vice president, I just started. Been trying to get her into my bed but so far no luck.” Tony snickered even though he hated talking about women in that tone. But he needed a lead as to where Natasha was being taken. Then he could go and find her, get her someplace safe, and then he’d focus all his energy on bringing Brandon down.

Brandon chuckled. “Sounds like my sister. Stuck up that one. Little Miss Perfect, thats how I always think of her. Thought of her anyway. She’s about to learn that she’s no better than me.”

The sinister sound of laughter had his blood turning to ice, and it took everything he had to keep the smirk on his face.

“If you’re interested in keeping her, once I break her I’ll give you first offer at buying her,” Brandon offered like it was nothing.

If everything that had happened with his sister wasn’t enough to break him then knowing what he’d gotten Natasha into cracked the last pieces of his soul.

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