Week 369 – Just then all hell broke loose

“She knows how to heel,” Brandon said as he passed her lead over to Tony.

If there was one thing that Natasha had learned since her brother took her prisoner it was that fighting was pointless.

All it got you was more pain.

It was easier to just do as you were told and retreat further away inside your mind where the horrible things you endured couldn’t touch you as deeply.

“Thanks for the new pet, I’ll be in contact if I require other, exotic pets,” Tony said with a smirk, then both men laughed.

“Anytime. Whatever you’re after I can find a way to get it for you. I have a whole lot of contacts and literally nothing is off the table,” Brandon bragged, and it made Natasha sick to know she was related to such a horrible human being.

“For now I’m just eager to get this one home,” Tony said, tugging on her leash as he started to head towards the doorway he’d entered.

Taking the stairs on her hands and knees, especially since there were still several tender spots with healing bruises from before she’d learned well enough to stop fighting against the inevitable, wasn’t easy, but there was no way she was chancing standing. Or asking if she could walk normally.

Tony wasn’t to be trusted.

He was the enemy.

He was just like her brother.


Thankfully Tony didn’t walk too fast as they headed through halls and then outside. He didn’t indicate that she could stand so she took the gravel on her hands and knees, trying her best to hide her winces as the small pebbles dug into her skin.

At his car she wasn’t shown into the passenger seat, or even into the backseat. Instead Tony opened the back of the SUV where there was a dog crate, then wordlessly picked her up and shoved her into it.

Tears were trailing down her cheeks as he drove away. How had this become her life? Just weeks ago she was a regular young woman, working at her grandfather’s company, trying to find who was embezzling money, and now she was someone’s pet.

Right as they turned out of the driveway and onto the street just then all hell broke loose.

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