Week 370 – Natasha woke to noise and mayhem

Someone was moving her but all she wanted was to remain still. To curl up in a little ball and just …

Cease to exist.

This wasn’t any kind of life. Belonging to another person, one who wanted only to hurt and use her, no autonomy, no rights, no … anything.

All she wanted was to give into the pain throbbing through her body and disappear.

But that didn’t happen.

She was lifted, at least she thought she was if the weightless feeling was anything to go by. And someone was talking. Whispering words that she couldn’t understand in a soft, warm, soothing voice.

The voice was nice.

Kind of like a big, cosy hug.

It would be so nice to curl into it.

But she’d already learned that there was nothing soft, or warm, or cosy about her life.

The opposite in fact. She’d been trained to act like a human pet because presumably thats what Tony liked.


His face flashed before her closed lids. She felt so stupid for trusting him. Because now he owned her.

“Natasha, wake up. Now.”

The quiet command in the voice called to the part of her that had learned to submit, and against her will her Natasha woke to noise and mayhem.

She was sitting on the ground, beside a mangled SUV. In front of her was Tony, blood on his face, a fierce anger in his gaze that made her whimper and shrink away from his huge, intimidating form.

It was obvious the car had been wrecked. Why couldn’t she have been killed?

Tony’s hands clasped her shoulders, stopping her retreat. “Please,” he begged. “It’s not what you think. Let me explain.”

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