Week 78 – He left the room in a panic only to come back and find her gone

He’d hit her.

If it wasn’t for the blinding headache, Katherine wouldn’t have believed it.

Her worst fears had come true.

He knew.

Jonah knew.

How was she going to talk her way out of this without telling him anything he didn’t already know?

“You’re awake.”

Katherine squinted up at Jonah. At least she assumed it was her fiancee but her head was throbbing, and the light suddenly seemed too bright.

Did he want her to say something? Did he want an explanation? Did he want denials? What did he want? She wasn’t sure how much he had seen but enough to know that she was a killer.

“I know what . . . I saw . . . You’re a . . .” Jonah broke off and tore out of the room like it was on fire.

She had to get out of here before she said something she’d regret. Katherine tried to stand but her body wasn’t ready quite yet and she couldn’t make it past her hands and knees. She really hoped she didn’t have a concussion, how was she going to run with a concussion.


That was what she was going to have to do.


It was all she ever did.

Jonah stormed back into the room, the sound of his feet on the floorboards seemed to echo inside her head. As quickly as he cam in, he left the room in a panic, only to come back and scan the form like he expected to find her gone.

“I think its better to be safe than sorry, considering the circumstances.” Jonah picked up her wrist and snapped one end of a handcuff on it, then secured it to the coffee table.

Katherine felt her blood pressure begin to rise.

She hated being restrained.

It always made her panic.

When she panicked she said things she shouldn’t.

“You killed someone, Katherine,” Jonah crouched before her. “Were you going to kill me too?”

“What? No!” She could never kill Jonah. She loved him.

“No you didn’t kill someone or no you weren’t going to kill me?” Jonah asked.

“I would never do anything to hurt you,” she said, although she knew it wasn’t true. She would hurt him. From the moment they got involved it had been inevitable.

“Until I do something to make you angry right, and then you’ll kill me. Or maybe you just do it for fun.”

For fun?

How could he think that?

He didn’t know her at all.

Which she reluctantly admitted was mostly her fault. But still how could he think that? Didn’t he love her? He said he did but she’d heard those words before from people who only wanted to use her.

“I didn’t kill him for fun,” she said quietly. If he knew then he may as well know why. Then he could just turn her into the cops and be done with it. “He was my step-brother and if I didn’t do what I did he would have taken me back.”

“Taken you back? Taken you back where?” Jonah sounded confused now.

“To hell on earth.”

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