Week 77 – What was the secret they were both hiding?

What was the secret they were both hiding?

He was pretending he didn’t know Katherine was a killer, and she was pretending she wasn’t one.

How long would this charade last?

Jonah didn’t think he could go on like this for very long. He wasn’t good at pretending, he had always been too blunt for his own good. And this wasn’t something small. Katherine had killed someone. Murdered them. He should have turned her into the cops already.

Why hadn’t he?

Because he loved her.

He stupidly loved a woman who could take the life of another human being then come over to go out to dessert like nothing had happened.

Did she know that he knew?

That thought had been running around inside his head the entire time they were at the restaurant. Did she know? What would she do if she knew that he knew? Would she kill him to? How was he supposed to function when all he could do was think about this? He couldn’t remember a single thing that they had talked about, he didn’t know what he said, or what she had said, or what he had eaten, or she had eaten, or how much it cost.

All he knew was the woman he was going to marry was a killer.

“Jonah? Is something wrong?” Katherine was looking up at him with those glowing golden eyes, looking all sweet and innocent, he wondered what went on behind those stunning eyes of hers.

Was she planning something?

Katherine was tiny, not quite five feet tall, he was well over six feet, and he had lost count of the number of people who had told them how odd they looked together. He had always thought of her as his little fairy, she was so small and delicate, she was whimsical at heart, and had this way of sort of flitting about when she moved almost like she was flying.

He had always thought she was perfect. She was sweet and kind and amazingly empathetic. She never argued, she was always looking for things to do for him, she never complained, she didn’t cry or manipulate to get her way.

She was too good to be true.

And obviously she was.

“Jonah?” Katherine took a tentative step towards him as though she knew exactly what he was thinking about and intended to do something about it.

He wasn’t going to let her kill him.

Before he even thought about what he was doing he had swung his fist. It connected with the side of her head with a kind of cracking sound, and she dropped, unconscious, to the floor.

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