Week 81 – Was it her mind playing tricks again

Was it her mind playing tricks again?

Was there really someone out there?

Rachel strained to see through the think darkness but she didn’t see anymore moving shadows.

She was probably just imagining things. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time over the last few months that she had suffered hallucinations. They were usually of her husband and their daughter. She hated them, Because realising it want real was like having her heart shattered into a million pieces all over again.

Sighing she stood, she didn’t want to stare out at the night any longer, thinking that she was falling further and further into insanity.

A shower.

She needed a shower.

The scalding hot water was the only thing that gave her some relief from the pain that had stabbed into her heart and taken up residence in there.

Walking to the bathroom, she shed her robe on the way, then turned on the shower, as soon as the water heated up she stepped under the spray.

Slowly the water began to lull her into a sort of foggy haze.

She was so out of it she didn’t notice the man step into the bathroom.

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