Week 82 – The rain poured down as the thunder shook the house

Rachel was beautiful.

The kind of drop dead gorgeous stunning that you thought only existed in your dreams until you looked at her and realised that sometimes dreams really do come true.

She had curves in all the right places and the softest skin you could imagine. She had eyes as black as the darkest of nights, staring into them was like looking into a black hole that you would gladly let swallow you up just for a chance at kissing those plump lips. Her hair was as black as her eyes and felt like silk when it ran through his fingers. Her milky white complexion contrasted starkly with her dark hair and eyes, making her his very own Snow White.

She was perfection.

She was his.

She hadn’t heard him yet, she was lost in thought, her eyes were closed, her face tilted up to the water’s hot spray, the water streamed down upon her, leaving little glittering trails down a body that had lost too much weight since the last time he had seen her.

Outside the rain poured down as the thunder shook the house.

The drumming of the rain and the drumming of the shower seemed to invade his very soul.

He needed to touch her.

He needed to kiss her.

He needed to be inside.

Drake stepped closer and pressed one hand to the glass wall of the shower. “Hello, Rachel.”

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