Week 84 – How were they going to get out of this

She had no idea who he was.

He wanted to sit her down and explain everything but they didn’t have time.

Someone had just broken into Rachel’s house. They must have been following him, or staking out her house knowing that he would eventually turn up here.

He should have stayed away.

Oh, well it was too late for that now.

How were they going to get out of this?

Rachel was still standing staring at him, water streaming down her naked body. She’d lost weight, and she looked like all she did was walk around in a haze. She wasn’t going to be any help.

Maybe he should hide, or sneak out, leave her here to deal with the men on her own, if they didn’t think she knew anything then they might leave her alone.

Who was he kidding?

They would torture her until she gave them something. They’d probably trash the house too, especially if they had been watching waiting for him to show up. If he tried to run there were probably men surrounding the house anyway.

He couldn’t do it anyway.

He couldn’t run and leave Rachel here to face the wrath of these sadistic men alone.

Being a dead man was a whole lot harder than it seemed.

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