Week 85 – She finally snapped out of it

Rachel couldn’t take her eyes off him.

Who was he?

He didn’t look familiar and yet she knew him. She knew she did.

He was saying something. Rachel could see his mouth moving but she couldn’t hear the words, she couldn’t hear anything.

Obviously frustrated, if the way his eyebrows were knit together were anything to go by, he grabbed her arm and began to drag her towards the door. He grabbed a towel on the way and wrapped it around her, then found her robe on the floor and thrust it to her.

She didn’t know why he was in such a hurry.

Then she heard voices.

Lots of voices.

She finally snapped out of it.

Someone other than this man was here in her home.

Her eyes flew to his and without him even needing to say anything she read in those deep blue depths the answers she needed.

The people who killed her husband and made her lose her daughter were here.

The man manoeuvred her into her bedroom and shoved her towards the bed. “Pretend you’re asleep, don’t tell them I’m here,” he hissed at her then disappeared.

In a daze she stumbled down onto the bed and pulled the covers up to her chin. If it was the men who had killed her husband here then she knew what was coming.



Probably death.

Rachel scrunched her eyes closed and wished that that was all it took to make this all go away. Why had she survived that day if she was only going to be tortured all over again and killed?

The door handle rattled, then it swung open. Heavy footsteps clomped towards the bed.

Then they stopped.

That was even more terrifying.

After a long moment of silence the covers were ripped out of her hands so roughly that they ripped her fingernails off.

“Long time no see, Snow White,” the voice of her nightmares sneered.

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