Week 88 – In a heartbeat the door burst open

Something clunked somewhere in the house.

Rachel wasn’t sure what it was, probably nothing.

Apparently the man standing above her bed thought differently. “Go check that out,” he growled at his men. Then he turned to her, “Is that him? Is that your husband?”

It looked like raping her had dropped off the program which psychologically she knew was a relief but wasn’t really feeling any. Why was he asking about Drake? Drake was dead, she’d gone to his funeral, she’d watched his casket get lowered into the ground, she had spent the last few months grieving him.

Maybe he meant the man who had been here earlier? The one who had also called her Snow White. The man who felt like Drake but didn’t look like him.

“I know he’s alive, and I know he was here tonight. We’ve been watching, waiting for that traitor to show his face here. So tell me where he is.”

Even is she wanted to answer his questions she had no idea what he was talking about.

She was too tired to try to figure out his games. The knife he’d stuck in her shoulder was still there, and he grabbed the handle and yanked it back and forth sending fresh waves of pain rolling over and over her body until she thought she would pass out.

Then his hands curled around her neck, squeezing tightly. His eyes practically shot daggers at her and he was screaming something but she could no longer hear him.

It looked like tonight was going to turn into a repeat of the night Drake had been killed. This man and his gang would rape and torture her until she died.

Maybe that was a good thing.

Not the torture and rape part but the dying part. At least then she would be reunited with her family. Her husband and the precious baby girl that never got to take her first breath or open her beautiful eyes because this man had killed her before she was born.

Something was happening around her, but the lack of oxygen was making her sluggish and she couldn’t figure out what.

Then in a heartbeat the door burst open.

Shots were fired.

People were screaming, their words an unintelligible blur.

The man choking the life out of her was thrown to the side and she could hear the sound of something being smashed into the floor over and over again.

Then she was being cradled in a pair of strong arms. She could smell Drake and when she looked up she saw his face smiling down at her.

She happily walked into death to join him.

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