Week 87 – Metal clanged loudly

He should have stayed dead.

Dead was easy.

Dead was safe.

Dead was lonely.

And that was exactly why Drake had come back for his wife. He couldn’t stand living without her. He couldn’t stand keeping his distance, he couldn’t stand not touching her, not kissing her, not making love to her. He couldn’t stand by and watch from a distance while she died a slow death from grief.

He’d heard that people could die of a broken heart he just hadn’t really believed it until he’d seen with his own eyes it happening to Rachel.

So he had come back for her only Ian Black and his men had been watching the house, and he’d led Rachel right back into the dangerous situation they had both barely just survived.

Drake had always known that going undercover was dangerous. He had known that he might lose his life, he just hadn’t really believed that that side of his life would touch Rachel. He’d thought that the darkness couldn’t touch the light, but it had. And Rachel had paid such a high price.

Now she was paying again.

He had no idea how he was going to get them both out of this alive. Ian had five other men with him, six against him and an injured Rachel, he didn’t like those odds.

These men had to die.

If they didn’t he and Rachel would never be safe. They could run but sooner or later Ian would track him down.

One of the men in Rachel’s bedroom was unzipping his pants. Drake would not allow that man to rape his wife. He couldn’t survive that again. Watching them do that to her that night had been hell. Being held down while those animals defiled his wife. That wasn’t happening again.

Pulling out his cell phone he dialled 911, then scanned the attic where he’d hidden out when those men broke in here. He felt like a coward hiding while those men got to Rachel, but Ian believing that Rachel knew where he was was the only thing keeping her alive right now.

Divide and conquer that was the only chance they had of surviving till daybreak.

Drake grabbed one of the weights from his old set, someone, maybe Rachel, must have packed it away up here. Carrying it to the far end of the attic he dropped it, metal clanged loudly, and when he hurried back to stand above Rachel’s room he could hear Ian issuing orders to his men to find out who made the noise.

This was it.

Both he and Rachel would either be tortured and killed, or by some miracle they would watch the sunrise side by side.

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