Week 97 – Frost pulled her to him

Astor took a deep breath.

Was she really going to do this?

When it all boiled down to it there was no other option.

She lifted her hand and knocked once, then she waited. What if he didn’t come? Had he changed his mind? Were there other girls here? Other women he had bought at an auction? Did he have a wife? A girlfriend? Just because she hadn’t seen anyone didn’t mean they didn’t exist.

A scream almost fell from her lips when the door opened, startling her even though she was expecting him.



He stood before her, he wasn’t wearing a shirt and Astor couldn’t help but stare at his chest. He must work out for hours every day, he was totally ripped. Her gaze moved slowly to his face and his dark eyes met hers and held them in a vice grip, not allowing her to look away.

She didn’t remember him being this good looking last time they were in the same room together. Seven months of loneliness did crazy things to your head.

Frost pulled her to him and she didn’t resist.

Instead she allowed him to guide her into his room and lead her to the bed. She didn’t fight him as he pushed her down onto it and began to remove her clothing.

Astor wanted this.

She needed it.

Her body began to burn with needy desire, her hands clutched at his belt, ripping it undone, then reached for his face, tangling in his black hair and urging him down so she could kiss him. They made love in a passionate frenzy that left her heart racing and her body dotted with sweat.

After they lay tangled together on Frost’s bed. He gave a satisfied sigh and dragged her closer, so she lay draped across his chest.

Astor smiled to herself.

He thought he had gotten what he wanted, stage one of her plan was complete.

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