Week 98 – I don’t know how to I’m sorry

Frost hadn’t know how it was going to turn out having Astor come to live here but he couldn’t be happier.

He’d never done anything like this before and he had no idea if he was doing it right, but since he’d gotten her to cave and come to him then he supposed he must be.

Fake it till you make it.

That was pretty much the philosophy he had lived his life by.

He hadn’t been sure that it would work with Astor, she was so strong, so stubborn, it was what had drawn her to him at the auction. Frost didn’t even really know how he’d ended up there. He’d been at a friend’s house, someone he had known all his life, they’d been talking about women, and then his friend had told him about this woman he had bought and kept in his basement as a sex slave.

He had been obviously shocked but also intrigued.

He must have agreed to go to the auction because it wasn’t like he’d been tied up and forced to go at gunpoint.

Frost hadn’t intended to buy anyone until he say Astor and the defiant glint in her eyes.

Now she was here, lying in his bed, her limbs tangled with his, her breath warm against his bare chest.

She was his, he’d paid good money for her, but more often than not she got her way. She was supposed to be his slave, his possession, she was supposed to follow orders, do as he wanted, he wasn’t supposed to have fallen for her, he wasn’t supposed to love her.

But he did.

So he spoiled her.

“I have something for you,” he said, trailing his fingers up and down her spine because he knew it would make her shiver. The good kind. He didn’t hurt her like he knew many people did with their slaves.

“Oh?” she asked, resting a hand on his abs and lazily tracing circles with her fingertip.

He reached over and pulled a velvet box from his nightstand. “Here,” he said a little gruffly, he wasn’t good at dealing with emotions, and sometimes when he felt for Astor was too strong.

She propped herself up on her elbows, took the box and opened it, gasping when she saw what was inside. “They’re beautiful,” she gushed, lifting the diamond earrings off the satin. “Will you put them in for me?”

“Of course,” he took them, looked at them, then at her ear, “I don’t know how to I’m sorry.”

“Just slide the end through the hole,” Astor said.

He took it, and did as she said. Then his hands curled around the back of her neck and he drew her face towards his, kissing her until he was breathless. “You’re so beautiful,” he told her. “More beautiful than any diamond.”

“You spoil me,” she purred, tugging free from his grip so she could nestle herself against his chest.

“Because I love you.” The words had fallen from his lips before he could stop them.

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