Nursery Rhyme Killer

Book Cover: Nursery Rhyme Killer
Part of the Storybook Murders series:

How can she ever trust another man after what her ex-husband did?

Summer Height isn't sure it's worth it to risk her heart again in another relationship, not after what happened with her ex-husband and the debilitating guilt it left her with. When she meets her best friend's husband's brother she doesn't know what to think, she likes him, but she's not sure she wants to take a chance on him after what she's been through, especially when it looks like history is repeating itself.

Luke Sleigh wants to find someone to love him, everyone else in his life has always walked away and he's desperate to find that forever person. He has a list, when he meets a woman he mentally checks off whether or not the woman meets his criteria, but that gets thrown out the window when he meets Summer.

He might be swept off his feet but he's about to face the challenge of a lifetime; proving that he's not guilty of multiple murders in time to save Summer's life.