Protecting Falcon

Sparks fly when opposites attract.

When Hope Delancey showed kindness to another slave, she never expected it to put her in the crosshairs of a dangerous man. After weeks of being held captive she's rescued by a gruff, grumpy, intimidating soldier who obviously wishes he was anywhere but in Colombia rescuing her. But Hope sees through the cold exterior to the man underneath, a man she could fall in love with, a man who has already told her he has nothing to offer.

Falcon Oswald never again wants the responsibility of someone else's life resting in his hands. But that's exactly the position he finds himself in when he agrees to honor the promise he made to his sister to rescue Hope. Now they're running for their lives through the Amazon rainforest, and as Hope impresses him with her strength over and over again he realizes walking away from this woman might prove impossible, even if its what's best for her.