Some Mistakes Are Unforgivable

Part of the Out of the Shadows anthology

One moment in time you wish you could take back.

That’s how Dahlia Black feels about her life. When she was fifteen she made a mistake that got her best friend killed and she hasn't been able to forgive herself for it. Banishing herself from River's End, she's lured back when someone decides that the past hasn't been laid to rest. Returning to town doesn't just mean facing the family she let down but the one man she's always loved but who nearly died saving her.

Fletcher Harris grew up as an honorary member of the Black family, Dahlia like a younger sister to him. Then he lays eyes on her for the first time in eight years and in place of the kid he remembers finds a beautiful, strong, but hurting woman who he can't get out of his mind. Determined to help Dahlia learn to forgive herself so she can finally move on he can't help but hope that he might be a prominent part of her future.