Some Questions Have No Answers

When Sydney's dark past returns to haunt her, the only man who can help must battle his desire to keep his distance.

Sydney Clark desperately wants to put her dark past behind her. Moving to River's End was supposed to accomplish that, but she didn’t expect to be handed a serial killer case first day as a deputy in the Sheriff's department. Neither did she expect to meet a man who will challenge everything her childhood taught her about men. 

Levi Black knows what it's like to watch the woman you love die; he's been there twice before, which is why he took himself out of circulation. Flirting is finefun evenbut anything deeper risks your heart. 

Then he meets Sydney. She's clearly battling some pretty rough demons, and getting involved with a cop might be more than he's prepared to risk, especially with an unpredictable serial killer stalking the town and Sydney working the case. Now, both their lives and hearts are at risk.