Some Regrets are Forever

He'd rather walk away than let the darkness inside him tarnish her light.

Meadow Smith's yearning to belong led her to make a terrible decision, one she regrets but can never take back. Now she’s on the run and has to decide if she can put her trust in another man or if it's safer to keep moving. Problem is, she can't run from her mistakes forever. 

Abe Black tries to forget the haunting things he witnessed while serving his country by immersing himself in his role as Sheriff in the small town of River's End. But as soon as he spots Meadow, he knows she’s in trouble, and that brings the nightmares flooding back. Meadow needs saving and Abe wants to save her, but neither of them can afford these growing feelings. Not with her secrets, and not when he's been burned before. Badly.

Can Abe settle for just trying to keep her alive and then walk away? Or will avoiding the truth of their feelings only put them both in more danger?