Saving Grayson

He's her only hope of escaping the man she's been sold to.

Juliet York has lived under her father's thumb her entire life, but when he blackmails her into agreeing to marry a man she doesn't know, she realizes if she doesn't run now she'll spend the rest of her life with an abusive sociopath. The last thing she expects when she seeks shelter from a storm is to meet a man who isn't put off by her quirks, who makes her smile, and who vows to protect her.

When Grayson "Chaos" Simpson finds a naked woman in his bed he's intrigued by her, and when he learns she's in trouble he promises to keep her safe. But Juliet is hesitant to believe that his motives for helping her are pure. Her father has secrets, and his sins are about to be visited upon her. Grayson and his SEAL team are now the only thing standing between her and death.