Saving Charlie

Suffering recognizes suffering.

Faith Johnson is the only surviving victim of an international serial killer. She survived weeks in his torture room and when she escapes she thought the hard part of her ordeal was over. She was wrong. The hard part was only just beginning. When she meets a man who makes her feel normal for the first time in months she convinces herself she'll be happy with whatever he's willing to give her, but she's a romantic at heart and she's falling hard and fast for the sexy SEAL.

Charlie "King" Voss' world changed forever when he and his team were captured. While his teammates went home to their families he went home to an empty house. When he meets Faith he can't deny the instantaneous attraction he feels for her, or the protectiveness she invokes, but he doesn't do relationships and he doesn't want to break her heart. All he can offer her is his friendship but he knows it won't be enough for her and he'll lose the only good thing he has going in his life.