Week 152 – This is taking forever

“This is taking forever.”

The words stirred her from her dark, little cocoon.

She didn’t want to wake up, she wanted to stay here, safe and warm, she was tired, she needed more sleep before she could venture out.

A loud sigh echoed above her and hands jostled her. the movement sent immediate and searing pain through her body and she groaned, opening her eyes to find that everything was fuzzy.

“Finally,” someone said and a figure loomed above her. Her vision was still blurry and she couldn’t make out the identity but the figure was large, a man.

Was it Dean?

No, Tayla pushed that thought away as soon as it came to her, this man didn’t sound like Dean and he didn’t feel like him.

Snippets of memories began to flip through her mind so quickly it made her dizzy. Being at work. Seeing Dean. Learning several of her patients were dead. Being accused of the crimes. Feeling sick. The hospital. Dean’s house. His confession. Their kiss. Gunshots. Pain. Blood. Darkness.

Tayla blinked and her vision cleared, the man leaning over her came into focus and her heart practically jumped out of her body.

She knew him.

He’d been a patient of hers.

His hame was Jason Lester and he had had a mental breakdown and killed his family. Wife, little boy, twin daughters, and baby son. She had been instrumental in having him committed, so what was he doing out?

He was the killer, he had to be.

And now he was here, he’d shot her and Dean.


Where was he?

“Lets go,” he said, reaching for her.


She didn’t want to go anywhere with him.

She tried to move, see where Dean was. When she lifted her head she could see him slumped over at an awkward angle just a few yards away. She wanted to go to him, check if he was still alive, but more than that she didn’t want Jason to hurt him.

“Leave Dean alone, please,” she begged as he grabbed her roughly around the wrist and dragged her to her feet.

“I should kill him,” Jason growled.

“No, please, I’ll go with you, I won’t fight you, but please, just leave him here.” Jason had fired at the house, no doubt several people had already called 911, if Jason left Dean alone he should be found soon.

“You better not be lying,” he muttered as he half pulled, half dragged her out of the house.

Tayla cast a last look at Dean’s limp form. She wasn’t lying, she would never risk his life, he’d been through enough. She’d go with Jason and Dean would be safe, she just had to pray he figured out who had taken her and where before Jason got bored toying with her and killed her.

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