Week 153 – What do you want, Jason?

What do you want, Jason?

The words seemed to be stuck on repeat in his mind, he kept hearing them over and over again until he felt like it was driving him insane.

The voice.

It was Tayla speaking those words, but who was Jason, and why did she want to know what he wanted?

Dean wished he could remember but the only thing floating through his brain was those words.

Where he was he had no idea.

What had happened, he didn’t know that either.

All he knew was those words, he was sure they meant something, something important, but he couldn’t for the life of him put his finger on it.

One minute he was hearing those words and the next he was opening his eyes.


White ceiling, white walls, white sheets, so much white that for a moment it blinded him and he had to scrunch his eyes shut.


He snapped his eyelids up when he heard his partner’s voice, the first voice that wasn’t Tayla’s he’d heard in … he didn’t even know how long. He didn’t know what had happened or what was going on.

“Dean, you with me?”

“Jax?” he croaked, surprised at his weak and raspy voice. “What happened?”

“You were at your place with Tayla, her stalker must have followed you there, he shot up the place, got you in the arm, you lost a lot of blood, you were unconscious when cops showed up.”

Memories came rushing back at Jax’s words and he bolted upright. “Tayla? What about Tayla? She was hit too.”

Concern creased his partner’s face and his anxiety jumped up several notches.

“Jax? Where’s Tayla? Is she …” he couldn’t even say the word.

“I don’t know.”

“You don’t know? What does that mean?” How could he not know, Tayla had been unconscious, bleeding badly, it wasn’t like she could have gotten up and walked off.

“She wasn’t there when cops arrived.”

“The stalker got her.” Panic sliced through him cutting him deep to the core. “Jason. His name is Jason. I remember her saying, What do you want, Jason. We have to find her before its too late. We’re int he hospital, right? We need to get back to the scene, maybe if I’m there I can give crime scene something to check out, or give you something more to go on.”

“Dean,” Jax said, resting his hand on his shoulder. “You lost a lot of blood, you’ve been unconscious for the last forty-eight hours.”

Forty-eight hours?

While he’d been lying here in a hospital bed Tayla had been with a man who clearly hated her for forty-eight hours.

Was she even still alive?

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