Week 154 – Dean’s mind would be racing




The sound penetrated the haze Tayla was trapped in, irritating her and nudging her out of her cosy little cocoon of peace and darkness.

Was the tap in her bathroom dripping?

The kitchen tap had been giving her trouble for a while now but she couldn’t hear that all the way from her bedroom.

Cold air washed over her and with a horrifying shudder everything came rushing back to her.

She wasn’t at home in bed and it wasn’t the bathroom tap that was dripping it was her blood hitting the polished concrete floor.

How long had she been here?

Tayla wasn’t sure but it felt like months and surely had to have at least been a few days.

Jason had brought her to a house in the middle of nowhere, straight down into a basement he must have prepared just for her. He’d tied her to a chair and beaten her until she’d lapsed into unconsciousness. Then he’d come back and done it again and again and again.

Dean’s mind would be racing, trying to figure out where she was, but …

Not if he was dead.

Her throat closed up at the thought and tears stung the backs of her eyes, she would gladly endure more beatings if it meant that Dean was okay. He had sacrificed so much already over his misplaced guilt about his cousin and she hated the idea of him blaming herself for what Jason was doing to her.

Footsteps sounded and then the scrape of a metal door being opened.

Jason was back.

She sucked in a breath and tried to find a place in her mind to hide, she wasn’t sure she could do this again. Her body was weak, from he gunshot and the beatings, and she didn’t know how much longer she could last. If someone didn’t find her soon Jason would get what he wanted and she’d be dead.

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