Week 188 – Leave town

The water was cool and smooth on her skin as she swum absently around the lake. The sky was a large black expanse above her, littered with millions of stars. The stars were one of the things she loved the most about being out here.

Elle came here when she needed to center herself, when she needed the peace and quiet of nature. She’d loved this place since she was a little girl and her family would spend summers at this secluded lakeside cabin.

Leave town.

That was what she’d told him, like it was that simple.

Like it could ever be that simple.

She was an idiot.

An idiot to love him, an idiot to let him go, an idiot for letting him treat her that way.

Why did she always have to gravitate towards irritating alphas who thought that they always knew better? And why did she always have to get annoyed when they behaved like she knew that they would?

Elle was trying to decide if she was more annoyed with him or herself when something brushed against her leg.

At first she thought nothing of it, she was in the lake after all and there were always branches or leaves or things floating about, but then something curled around her ankle.

Panic washed over her when she realised it was a hand.

A hand that was pulling her down, beneath the surface.

She fought, she panicked, she thrashed, desperately trying to claw her way back up to the surface but it didn’t do any good.

Water closed in above her head.

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