Week 200 – He took the gun

Very carefully without alerting their captors Jacob moved behind her. His hands lifted the hem of her t-shirt and he took the gun.

“Move behind the tree, I don’t want you getting hit by a stray bullet,” Jacob whispered.

Elle bit back a sigh, she wasn’t sure she had enough energy left to move. It had all gone on trying to keep herself and Jacob alive and get the information he needed to prove the MC club had killed those judges.

“Elle?” he prompted.

“Can’t move, too tired,” she murmured, letting her eyes drift close, her chest hurt and her shoulder hurt and her arm hurt and she was cold and sleepy.

“Alright, baby, hold on. Its my turn to take care of you”

It happened so quickly.

One second the night was quiet and the next gunshots erupted.

Elle screamed and curled herself into a ball, trying to make herself as small a target as possible.

Then as suddenly as it had started it was over.

Just like that.

But who else was still alive?

Elle was attempting to sit up and find out what had happened to Jacob when arms suddenly wrapped around her. She would have freaked out but she smelled Jacob’s scent.

“They’re dead?” she asked.

“They’re dead,” he echoed.

Relief flooded through her but there was fear too. She was the only one who could testify that the MC club had killed those judges which meant she was going to be living the rest of her life with a target on her back. What did they mean for her future? What did it mean for her and Jacob? Was there even a her and Jacob?

Exhausted, Elle closed her eyes again and let herself drift off to sleep.

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