Week 224 – 911, What’s your emergency?

Cooper groaned as he rolled over, his ringing phone had woken him. It felt like he’d been asleep no more than an hour and a glance at the glowing clock on his nightstand confirmed it had only been fifty minutes since he’d climbed into bed.

He debated ignoring the call, but it could be work, and he couldn’t do that. Stifling a yawn he reached over and snatched up the phone. “Hello?”

“911, What’s your emergency?”

“Huh? You guys called me.”

“Oops, sorry, been a long night,” a tired woman’s voice came down the line. “Is this Detective Mark Cooper?”

“Yes,” he replied, wondering why the 911 call center was calling him.

“I have a Sarah Sundra on the line, she called to report that someone was in her house, we have officers on the scene but she’s refusing to open her bedroom door for them, says the only person she trusts is Detective Mark Cooper.”

Panic coursed through him at the thought of Sarah in danger and he was already climbing out of bed and searching for clothes as he asked, “What’s her address?”

The 911 operator rattled off an address. “I’ll tell Ms Sundra that you’re on your way.”

“Thanks,” he said, then hung up. Sarah lived just two streets over from him, and less than five minutes later he was pulling up outside her house. There was a cruiser sitting on the street, lights flashing but sirens turned off, and a middle aged male officer met him at Sarah’s front door.

“You the Detective she’s asking for?”

“Yes. Is she injured?”

“She says no, she’s locked in the bedroom, looks like someone tried to break down her door.”

The officer nodded at the stairs and Cooper took off up them. “Sarah? Its Coop,” he called out as he approached the battered door.

A second later it was flung open and the small blonde was throwing herself into his arms. “You came,” she said sounding somewhat surprised.

“You asked for me.” In his mind it really was that simple, he hadn’t been able to get Sarah out of his mind, there was something intriguing about her, something that filled him with a desire to get to know her better. While he hated that it was under these circumstances it seemed like he was going to get the opportunity to do just that.

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