Week 250 – “What’s going on and why do you think I’m a traitor Daddy?”

He’d taken out the cabin’s generator, which meant the lights were now out, and he’d blown up both cars. As men came spilling out of the cabin he picked them off one by one.

Four men, now all dead.

Was Zara’s father amongst them?

As he cautiously approached the now dark cabin he got the answer to his question.

“What’s going on and why do you think I’m a traitor Daddy?” Zara’s loud voice said. There was fear in her tone but strength as well, she was trying to warn him.

Despite the graveness of their situation, Adam felt his lips curve into a small smile as he slipped up the steps of the porch. Since losing his family he had closed himself off, vowed that he would never allow another person into his life, and yet here Zara was, forcing her way in regardless of what he wanted.

And shockingly he liked it. He wanted her to fight for him, maybe even needed it, and right now it felt good to have someone he could trust watching his back.

Zara’s father had to be expecting him, so there didn’t seem like there was any point in trying to sneak in.

Weapon raised he walked through the front door and tried not to lose it when he saw the knife at Zara’s neck.

The sight made rage pulse through him.

Knowing he had the advantage of his night vision goggles he moved through the cabin knowing he was just a shadow to Zara’s father.

“She’s your daughter, don’t do something you’ll regret,” Adam said, knowing the man would feel none for ending his own child’s life.

“She betrayed her family,” the man growled. “She found proof that I was involved in smuggling drugs and the slaughter of your team. When she took this job I knew it was just a front that she was really here to compare notes so the two of you could take us down. I couldn’t let that happen.”

The man was certainly a blabbermouth, admitting to running drugs, and participating in the killing of a Navy SEAL team. It made it clear that Zara’s father intended to be the only one to walk out of here alive.

Continuing to circle the room, making Zara’s father have to constantly keep moving in an attempt to keep him in sight, Adam prepared to take a shot. He didn’t want to kill the man, and he had to be careful that Zara didn’t get caught in the crossfire, but he had spent his entire life doing this.

Just as he was lining up the shot, pain slammed into him from behind, stealing his breath and sending him crumpling to the floor.

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