Week 324 – Very interesting and intense situation

No one had ever accused Clover Ellis of being rational. Or of making good decisions.

She had always been a wild child. Full of energy she had never quite managed to control, she’d lived her life to the fullest. Going into medicine had come as a shock to everyone in her life, family, friends, and teachers alike, but she’d always known it was her calling.

Clover was a fixer. It was what she did. Or tried to anyway.

Not sure she was going to be able to fix this very interesting and intense situation.

Understatement of the century, Clover, she admonished herself.

There wasn’t a chance in the universe that she could handle something of this magnitude. Give her a gushing gunshot wound and she could almost definitely save a life, but give her four men with guns and she was totally at a lost.

Still, fake it till you make it, that had been her mantra for a long time. It had served her well over the years and she had to hope it would help her now.

“You’re being ridiculous,” she snapped at the man who seemed to be in charge. Insulting a man holding a gun on your wasn’t smart, but neither was showing any weakness. Men like this preyed on weakness. “If you had just asked nicely, or better yet brought your injured friend with you to the hospital, I would have been happy to help. But this … waving guns at innocent people … that is stupid, and does not make me motivated to help.”

“Don’t care if you’re motivated or not, doc,” the man sneered at her. He was a gang member, she’d seen enough of them to pick them out a mile away, and she knew exactly why he hadn’t brought his injured friend in with him. Because the cops were after them.

“Well you should be if you want my help,” she informed him. As best as she could see she had two options. One she could stay here where undoubtedly the armed gang members would get antsy and start shooting innocent bystanders. Or two she could agree to go with them, pray they let her go once she saved their friend.

She already knew which option she was going to go with.

Giving a long suffering sigh, Clover ignored her colleagues who she could all but feel silently screaming at her not to do anything stupid. “Fine. We leave now, you don’t hurt anyone else, and I’ll go with you.”

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