Week 325 – The leader looked somewhat familiar

Pressing the barrel of his weapon against the small of the doctor’s back didn’t feel good.

Not that Freeze had expected it to.

In his experience more often than not life sucked, but you did what you had to do, played with the hand you were dealt and tried to make the best of it.

Marching the Clover along with him and the three other gang members, Freeze actually hoped the cops showed up in time to stop them from kidnapping the doctor whose sassy mouth was going to get her killed. He had an ironclad get out of jail free card, and he couldn’t care less if the other guys got themselves in hot water, at least the doctor would be alive.

Although her outward composure never wavered, because Freeze was standing right behind her, one of his hands wrapped around her slender arm, he felt the fine tremors rippling through her and for the millionth time wondered how he’d gotten himself into this mess.

“Don’t do anything stupid,” he murmured in her ear as he guided her into the back seat of the stolen car, sliding in beside him.

Obviously taking it as a threat instead of a well intentioned warning, she threw him a glare and he found he couldn’t help but grin in return. White blond hair piled in a messy bun on top of her head, silvery gray eyes that sparked with annoyance, she was as stunning as she was crazy brave.

Too bad she was going to hate him by the time this was over.

The drive to the old industrial estate where his gang was hiding out was silent, not a single siren, and he knew the doctor’s fate was already sealed.

When they got there and he exited the car, bringing the sassy Dr Ellis with him, Freeze noticed half a dozen men standing there. The leader looked somewhat familiar, and as he realised who the man was his stomach dropped.

Clover’s fate had just gotten a whole lot worse.

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