Week 326 – Did you really think this was going to end well

Did you really think this was going to end well? Clover asked herself.

The answer of course was a resounding no.

Of course it wasn’t going to end well. How it was going to end was more than likely with her death. Not how she had planned on dying. Not that she had a plan, but well, she just kind of assumed she would live well into her seventies at least, maybe even eighties, or possibly nineties, there were a few long lasters in her family line.

But shot dead at thirty-one, well that was not how she’d thought she would die.

Casting a surreptitious glance at the men around her, she hoped a quick death was all that would come to her. Men like this wouldn’t hesitate to use her body for their own pleasure first before disposing of her.

Real smart plan, Clover, she admonished herself. When would she learn and stop making these rash and impulsive decisions?

“Come on,” the man holding her arm said as though she had any choice in the matter, and led her around the group of men who had been waiting for them.

Of course there was a part of her that wanted to argue with him, wanted to tell him he didn’t have to drag her around like she was a dog on a leash, tell him that this whole thing was stupid, while she might be a great surgeon she usually operated with an entire team at her back and all the supplies she needed. But she wasn’t so stupid she was going to anger him on purpose.

The man was handsome enough, at least he would be if he didn’t have a gun pressed painfully against her back. He was tall, obviously spent hours a day working out if his muscles were anything to go by. He had dark hair and ice blue eyes, and his expression was as dangerous as she’d ever seen a person’s face look.

Clover shuddered as a crack in her armor let in a giant dose of fear. The fear was quickly replaced by surprise when she could have sworn she saw the big man flinch. It was almost imperceptible but she had a good eye for detail, it helped make her such a good surgeon, so she noticed it.

Didn’t understand it though.

She was led through an abandoned industrial estate, they stopped in front of a dimly lit room and she was shoved inside. It was a crude at best version of an operating room, dark, dirty, lacking the equipment she would need. Clover would have told the man just that but his cold eyes met hers.

“Get prepared, doc, because the life you have to save is the son of the leader of the Moreno gang. You let him die and its not going to go well for you. Moreno is a cruel man who enjoyed inflicting pain on those who cross him. Don’t fail, doc.”

With that ominous warning, the man turned his back on her, left the room, locking her inside, leaving her truly terrified as the reality of the newest mess she had gotten herself into sunk in.

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