Week 327 – Wow, so intense

“Wow, so intense,” Clover muttered, presumably to herself, as he closed the door behind her, locking her in.

Despite the seriousness of the situation the woman was full of sass. To look at her, listen to her, you might think she wasn’t affected by the danger she was in, but Freeze knew differently. She was afraid, she didn’t want to die, and she didn’t want to be hurt, but she was putting up a brave front to hold onto her sanity. He admired and respected her ability to keep it together.

He was going to need it to if he was going to get her out of here alive.

Freeze knew he wasn’t a good man, had never pretended to be one, but he wasn’t going to stand by and let the doctor be assaulted and murdered. Even he had his principles.

“Doctor ready?” one of the guys asked as he headed down to where Moreno’s son was waiting.

“Told her to get prepared,” he replied. In some ways these men were his brothers since they were all part of the Moreno brotherhood, in another they were nothing to him but pawns in a bigger game. He wasn’t here for the same reasons they were and that sometimes made if difficult for him to keep up his act.

It was getting harder and harder to separate this side of himself from the man he was when he left this place each morning.

“She’s hot, yeah? The doctor?” the guy asked, trailing along behind him.

“Yeah, hot,” Freeze muttered, surprised by the strong surge of protective energy he felt towards the doctor who had no idea what she’d gotten herself into.

“Think Moreno will let us all take a go at her before he kills her?”

That protective energy surged more, until Freeze had to curl his hands into fists so they didn’t curl around the man’s neck instead. Forcing nonchalance, he shrugged. “Maybe. Probably depends on whether she saves his son or not.”

Either way Dr. Ellis wasn’t walking out of here alive, but what she suffered first likely depended on the outcome of the surgery. Having seen first hand the shape Moreno’s son was in he doubted the young man, barely more than a boy, was saveable.

Still he hoped.

Because if the boy didn’t survive then he was going to have to make a choice, save the doctor’s life or stand by and let whatever happened to her happen so he didn’t jeopardise the entire reason he had joined the gang in the first place.

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