Week 328 – Love the direction this is going

“Do you really think crowding me like that is going to make my work better?” Clover snapped at the man she had dubbed Hunky Horror, since he was much too good looking to be part of a gang like this but would still snap her neck without a second thought.

Ignoring her snippy rhetorical question, he asked one of his own. “How’s it going?”

“Love the direction this is going,” she muttered. Was he an idiot? How did it look like it was going? Even in a hospital she would have struggled to save the kid’s life, but after so many hours had passed after the gunshot wound had been received, and with the amount of blood he’d lost this was without a doubt a lost cause.

Which meant so was she.

She took the threat Hunky Horror had issued seriously. If the kid died then she would pay the price. Even though it wasn’t her fault. She was good at her job but she wasn’t a miracle worker. There was a limit to what she could do and she’d reached it here.

“He’s going to die isn’t he?” Hunky Horror asked. If he was just going to stand here and bother her why had he appointed himself her assistant for the surgery?

“I’ve done everything I can.” It just wasn’t enough. The damage was too extensive and their decision not to bring him to the hospital right away had made it all so much worse. Actually she was surprised the kid had lasted as long as he had.

“It wasn’t enough.” Although it sounded like an accusation there was no heat behind it. In fact the man sounded more thoughtful than anything else.

“No. It wasn’t.” This time when the kid’s heart stopped beating she didn’t attempt to resuscitate him. There was no point. She didn’t have enough blood to transfuse, she didn’t have proper help, she didn’t have the equipment she needed, and she didn’t know how to perform miracles.

They both stood side by side watching as the kid passed away, an empty feeling settling in Clover’s stomach. She played a good game at pretending she wasn’t terrified out of her mind, but she was.

She didn’t want to be hurt.

She didn’t want to die.

But she didn’t see any way to change her fate.

“Lets go.” Hunky Horror grabbed one of her hands, seemingly unconcerned about the blood staining the gloves she wore, and dragged her out of the room, down a dinger corridor and into another room. He shoved her inside, but not roughly. “I have to go tell them Vincent didn’t survive. Don’t make a sound.”

His warning made no sense, but she had no chance to ask what he meant as he closed and locked the door behind him, leaving her alone in the pitch black with nothing to do but sit here and wait for fate to come for her.

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