Week 334 – Scared eyes looked up at me

This was going to wind up being the worst mistake of her life.

If she lived through it.

Emma wasn’t so sure she would.

Someone was out there, and she was sure they were heading right towards her hiding place.

Her fear was confirmed when the top of the seat concealing her from view was suddenly ripped off and she was left staring into the barrel of a weapon and a very angry face.

Despite her terror the first thing she noticed about the man was that he was handsome. Model level handsome. Like the kind of face that filled women’s dreams. There wasn’t a single thing wrong with it. Except maybe the eyes. They were so black you couldn’t distinguish the iris from the pupil.

“Who are you?” the man snarled. For a second his expression flitted to a scared eyes looked up at me one, but it was quickly gone and suspicion and fury were all that were left.

This was a dangerous man. Emma knew that without a shadow of a doubt. Was he one of them? One of the men who had killed whoever had been on the boat?

She’d answered the distress call when it had gone out. By the time she’d arrived a second boat had been driving away from this one. Confused and wondering if the problem had been a simple one that someone else had already fixed she’d approached and come on board anyway, wanting to be sure these people were okay before resuming her evening on the ocean.

But then she’d seen the blood, heard the roar of an approaching engine and terrified that whoever had killed the owners of this yacht had returned she’d hidden.

“Answer me,” the man holding a gun on her ordered, but she was so scared she couldn’t have spoken no matter what he did. “Did you do this? Did you slaughter them?”

When she still couldn’t make her voice work he growled, an actually growled, and reached towards her. His large hand tangled in her hair, making her scalp burn as he dragged her out of her hiding place. Too terrified to fight back, not that she knew any self defence moves anyway, he yanked her hands behind her back, bound them with something hard and unyielding, then shoved her up against the wall, one hand wrapped around her throat, the other holding his weapon against her temple.

“Tell me what you did.”

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