Week 348 – Waking up in the back seat

She fought like a wildcat, Tony would give her that.

Wasn’t going to do her any good though. The outcome would be the same. Whatever had just spooked Natasha Jenkins he needed to know about it.

“Stop fighting, firecracker,” he ordered as he lifted her feet off the ground.

“Who are you?” Natasha demanded, continuing to struggle in his grip. “You’re … the new guy.”

That sealed the deal. She knew who he was, leaving her here was not an option. Not when he was this close to getting what he wanted.

There was no way he was letting this woman ruin a year of hard work.

“Stop fighting me,” he ordered, harder this time. He didn’t have time for this, and he was irritated that everything he had worked so hard for might wind up being ruined because this woman got in the way.

Not happening.

When she still didn’t listen Tony tightened his hold on her, reaching into his pocket for a vial he had intended to use on someone else tonight.

“Should have listened, firecracker,” he whispered before jamming the syringe into her arm, and Natasha’s body immediately went limp.

Already they had spent too long out here, especially given Natasha’s hysterics when she came running out of her house. So as much as he would have loved to go inside and see what had freaked her out he’d have to pass.

If he didn’t get out of here now it might be too late. Scooping the unconscious woman into his arms, he carried her to his car, she was going to be mad, his little firecracker, when she found herself waking up in the back seat.

Oh well, couldn’t be helped.

Nothing was going to stop him from completing his goals. Not even a drop dead gorgeous woman.

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