Week 349 – Waking she asked, “Who are you?”

Natasha groaned and pressed her hands to her temples, willing away the pain tearing through her head.

Why did she feel so awful?

Wasn’t just her head, her stomach was queasy, and every inch of her body felt incredibly heavy.

What was wrong with her?

Searching her memory she tried to figure out the last thing she could remember. Had she been in an accident? Was she home sick? Had she been to work?

Memories floated through her mind. A sound at the office after hours. Hurrying home. Blood in her house. Running. Being caught by …

Waking she asked, “Who are you?” Okay so it came out more like a weak croak and she wasn’t even sure if the figure lurking in the doorway could hear her.

She could just make out his features despite the fact it was dark in the room, and she knew she had never seen him before. She could have sworn that … Tony, the new guy from work, had been there right before she passed out.

But that made zero sense.

Unless …

He was the one responsible for the missing money. The one she’d been looking for all these months, trying to find proof to show her grandfather and bring the cops in.

If Tony was the one stealing the money, and the one who had had house destroyed, and he’d kidnapped her, then she was at the mercy of a very dangerous man.

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