Week 360 – Natasha needed to figure out how to get away. She couldn’t wait for him if she wanted to live.

“Who are you and what are you doing out here?”

Tony tore his gaze away from where the limousine had peeled out of the parking lot to see Brandon Jenkins glowering at him.

For the first time in a long time he was torn.

His job was Brandon. Gathering enough proof to have the man arrested and his operation shut down. It was all he’d dreamed of since his little sister had been taken. Although they’d been lucky enough to get her back what she’d been through was too much for her to deal with and in the end she’d taken her own life.

There should be no choice on where his priorities lay, yet …

Natasha was only in this mess because of him. Because he’d decided to use her to get to her brother. Now she’d been taken and he had zero doubts about where that limo was heading. Natasha needed to figure out how to get away. She couldn’t wait for him if she wanted to live.

As much as he wanted to grab the other man and beat answers out of him more lives were at stake here than just Natasha’s. Not that he planned on throwing her to the wolves. As soon as he made a connection with Brandon he’d go after her.

It would all work out.

Tony had to believe that, because if Natasha was hurt because of his choices he’d never forgive himself.

Images of his little sister ran through his mind but he shoved them away.

It wasn’t the same.

Natasha had agreed to this. She’d understand why he couldn’t drop everything to follow her. He’d come for her. It would all work out.

It would.

“Hey, man, someone’s shooting in there,” he said, pressing a hand to his chest.

Brandon rolled his eyes. “It’s a show, no one is shooting, we run the sound and light show once a week.”

He already knew that, but Brandon didn’t need to know that Tony had studied every single aspect of his life, searching for enough proof to destroy him.

Instead he faked a relieved sigh. “Oh, didn’t know that. Sorry, man, I panicked. Ran for the nearest exit.”

Rolling his eyes again, Brandon moved to head past him, back inside.

Shifting slightly to block his path, Tony painted his face with interest and asked, “Who was the woman? She was pretty, and she looked … young.” As much as he wanted to play this hard he had to go slow, make baby steps.

Brandon stopped, turned to give him his full attention. The man’s gaze raked over him as though sizing him up, trying to get inside and figure out if he was being sincere.

“You like em young?” Brandon eventually asked.

“Young as I can get away with,” Tony returned with a wide grin.

“Interesting. It might just be your lucky day, my friend. Your stupidity might have worked in your favour.”

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