Week 361 – Come with me, I have something to show you

He wasn’t coming.

The thought sunk into Natasha’s brain slowly as she was driven further and further away from the bar.

Tony wasn’t going to be riding in on his white horse to save her.

He’d only been using her. Wanting an in to her brother and she’d done what he wanted. While she had no idea if it had worked, if he’d managed to make contact with Brandon after she’d been kidnapped, in the end it didn’t matter. Brandon had her and he wouldn’t be letting her go, she was of no further use to Tony.

What was going to happen to her now?

Brandon ran underground prostitution ring, is that … what he intended to do with her? Make her work for him?

Her own brother wouldn’t do that to her. Would he?

The churning in her stomach and icy cold fear ravaging her body gave her her answer.

He would.

And he wouldn’t lose a second’s sleep over it.

As badly as she wanted to escape she already knew the doors were locked. She’d found that out when she planned to fling herself out of the moving vehicle. And the man in the back with her had a taser as well as a weapon. She knew that because she still remembered the burning shock of electricity flowing through her.

She was trapped.

With no way out.

Finally, what felt like hours later, they pulled up outside a remote farmhouse set on what appeared to be a large plot of land.

When the car came to a stop, the man in the back moved and opened the now unlocked door, gesturing for her to go out first.

She did because what other choice did she have?

“Come with me, I have something to show you,” he sneered, a wicked smile on his face.

Again with no other choice but to comply, Natasha followed him across the porch, through a hall and then a large kitchen, and down a flight of stairs to a basement. Inside the basement were a row of six cages, like the kind of crates people put their dogs in. Four of them were occupied by women, barely more than young girls.

The man gestured an empty one at the end of the line. “Home sweet home.”

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