Week 76 – Suddenly, a shot broke the quiet

Katherine still couldn’t believe she had done it.

She had wanted to for such a long time, thought about it, dreamed about it, and now it was done.

She couldn’t get the look in his eyes out of her mind.




He had been afraid to face death.

She didn’t think she was ever going to forget that look.

Suddenly, a shot broke the quiet. Katherine jumped a mile and spun around. Wait, that hadn’t been a shot it was just the door closing. She was going to have to get a grip, if she didn’t she was going to give herself away.

Pasting on a smile, she tried to make her voice as bright as possible, “Hi, Jonah.”

“What are you doing here?” Jonah looked surprised to see her. Surprised and wary. Why was he wary?

“Oh, uh, you gave me a key. Said to come over any time. Since, we, uh, missed dinner, I thought I’d stop by. Maybe we could go out for dessert?” Katherine felt so nervous she was sure it must be written all over her face.

“Sure,” Jonah said slowly. “We could do that.”

“We don’t have to if you don’t want to,” she said quickly. Jonah had never turned her down before when she’d asked him out, what was different now?

“No, its fine. Lets go.” Abruptly he turned and headed back out the door he’d just come through.

Katherine trailed along behind him. He was acting odd.

Did he know something?

Was this her life now? Constantly wondering about getting caught?

Katherine didn’t think she was cut out for this.

Too bad she didn’t have a choice. She had done what she’d done and now she had to accept the consequences.

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