Week 86 – She couldn’t breathe

He had called her Snow White.

No one but Drake called her that.

But Drake was dead.

Rachel was so confused. The man in her bedroom called her by the name only her husband had used but he wasn’t her husband. The man who had been in her bathroom earlier had felt like Drake but he hadn’t looked like Drake.

If this man wasn’t Drake how did he know Drake’s nickname for her?

Had Drake called her that that night?

Rachel didn’t think so but it was hard to remember.

“Open you eyes, Snow White,” the man snarled. He was close enough that she could feel his breath on his cheek. His breath was hot, and it smelled bad, she remembered that from that night.

She was afraid to comply but she was more afraid not to. She already knew what this man was capable of. She inched her eyes open and saw that there were at least half a dozen men in her room.

She couldn’t breathe.

Last time she had been saved, snatched away from death at the last minute. But who would save her this time? The man-whoever he was-that had been in her bathroom earlier appeared to be long gone.

She was on her own.

Rachel wished she had a plan.

Anything would do.

“Where is he?” the man beside her bed asked.

Where was who? She had no idea what he was talking about.

He pulled out a knife and held it up so it glimmered in the light. “Where is he?” the man repeated.

“Wh-who?” she asked.

“Your husband.”

What a stupid question. This man knew where Drake was he was the one who had killed him. “H-he’s d-d-dead.”

“Still sticking with that story, huh?” the smile he shot her was beyond menacing. It was pure, unadulterated evil. “We’ll see how long that lasts.” The man plunged his knife into her shoulder, then gestured to one of his men.

It wasn’t until the man came towards her and unzipped his pants that she realised she had never put any clothes on after the shower. She was naked, and injured, and completely at these men’s mercy.

Rachel hoped whatever they were going to do they would hurry up and get it over with. At least she had death to look forward to. In death she could find Drake.

She slipped away to a quiet, peaceful place in her mind where what was happening couldn’t touch her.

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