Saving Eric

Will guilt and bad choices prevent these two friends from falling in love?

Lavender Vaile barely survived a madman, and the ordeal became the catalyst for re-evaluating her entire life. While working for an aid organisation in Afghanistan her worst nightmare comes true when she is taken hostage by insurgents. Rescued by her best friend and his team of SEALs, one moment of passion changes everything, and the new life she was building could come tumbling down around her.

For Eric "Night" McNamara friendship means everything and when Lavender is kidnapped he'll do anything to save her life and help her heal from the trauma. Anything. Including sleeping with her. But guilt and past mistakes have him tucking tail and running when he realises that sometimes friendship can blossom into something more. When Lavender disappears a second time he will have to set everything aside and let his heart rule if he wants to get her back alive.