Saving Owen

His secrets ruined their marriage, can she trust him now to keep her safe?

Evangeline "Evie" Walter always looks for the good in people, a trait that usually ends up with her being used and hurt, just like it did in her marriage to Navy SEAL Owen. But when she finds herself in the sights of a ruthless cartel she doesn't see any other choice but to risk getting hurt again by turning to the only people she trusts to keep her safe; Owen's SEAL team.

Owen "Fox" LeGrand was grieving his wife when he met Evie, he saved her life and friendship grew between them before they fell in love. Then he ruined it. He's waited two years for a chance to make things right but he never expected that opportunity to come because Evie's life is in danger. Now getting her to trust him again has taken on a whole new importance, because if he can't fix what he broke then Evie could wind up dead.