Saving Ryder

He's left her twice before why should she believe this time is any different? 

Abigail McNamara feels like she always has to prove herself and could never live up to her family's expectations. Her grandfather was a SEAL, her father was a SEAL, her brother is a SEAL, and, oh yeah, her brother's ridiculously hotter than hot hunkalicious best friend is also a SEALShe’s loved Ryder since she was twelve but he’s broken her heart twice already and she’s vowed she won't ever trust him again.

Every guy knows the code you don’t have sex with your best friend's little sister. If you do you don’t get caught. If you fall in love with her you don’t break her heart. And if you earn her trust back you don’t walk away. Unfortunately Ryder “Spider” Flynn did all that. When Abigail is abducted and help prisoner for fourteen months by a sadistic sociopath that changes everything. Now all bets are off but he has to keep her alive long enough to prove to her he deserves a third chance.