Brutal Scars

He's the last person she wants messing up all her hard work.

Jessica Bowen knows responsibility, learned it at a young age. Living through something horrific she somehow managed to hold most of her family together and build a life for herself. A life that isn't the one she planned but it's one she can be proud of, where she can make a difference and save lives. Until he shows up threatening to destroy everything she's worked so hard to achieve.

Mason "Scorpion" Markson was looking forward to a vacation when he gets a call that the spoiled, selfish sister of an old friend is in trouble. He shouldn't go into a cult after her, it's more hassle than its worth, and yet he owes it to his friend to save his sister. The last thing he expects to find when he goes undercover is a calm, competent, capable woman who has a whole lot of anger and hostility towards him.

She's not who he was led to believe she was, so why did her brother lie about her?