Buried Scars

He's her only chance at saving her daughter's life.

Becoming a mother was the best thing to ever happen to Elle Cavey. It was her first time experiencing unconditional love and her seven-year-old daughter is the center of her world. Which makes knowing she's responsible for her daughter's abduction that much worse. When the cops and FBI tell her there's nothing else to do she only has one last shot at getting her child back.

Rafe "Panther" Neal is a father, if anyone can save Elle's daughter its him. At least he prays he can because each moment he spends with the strong yet fragile mother he falls a little further. But he has scars, and when they rear their ugly heads it threatens his chance at building the family he's always longed for.

Failure means losing the woman he's falling for, her daughter, and his own son.