Lethal Risk

He already lost one woman he loves he won't lose another.

Phoebe Lynch doesn't want to be her boyfriend's punching bag any longer so she runs to the other side of the country to get away from him. Lying to her family about why she's really there, all she wants to do is find the woman she used to be before she got beaten down and lost all her self esteem. What she doesn't want is to fall for another alpha male. Especially one who could crush her battered heart.

When Asher "Mouse" Whitman's daughter disappears from the park he assumes the strange woman he spots her with is the culprit. Instead he learns she saved Lolly's life. Now all he wants to do is protect her and chase away the fear in her eyes. Convincing Phoebe to give him a chance won't be easy especially with her abusive ex still sniffing around.

But her ex is far more dangerous than any of them realize and Mouse might wind up losing not just the woman he's falling for but his daughter as well.