Protecting Sparrow

Grief is all that’s stopping this friendship becoming more.

When Sparrow Oswald's helicopter is shot down in Africa the last person she expects to come to her rescue is her old friend Ethan Zimmerman. She'd love for there to be more between them but he's not over his wife's death. As they work together to find who is using Ethan's plane to smuggle drugs the spark between them grows. Only question is will Ethan do anything about it.

Ethan isn't looking to move on. He's already loved and lost and no way is he willing to open his heart up to let it happen again. But when he and Sparrow are kidnapped by a drug trafficking warlord and have only each other to rely upon he can't deny that feelings he didn't want are there nonetheless and they're growing. He's going to have to look at his life and decide what he wants his future to look like, only by the time he makes those decisions it might be too late.