Savage Risk

Some wounds run too deep to heal.

Once upon a time Skye Xenos had a friend. He didn't know it but he was the only reason she could survive the Hell that was her home. Then he left, breaking a piece of her that could never be repaired. Now over a decade later he's back and bad things start happening to her. A coincidence or did he really return to destroy the remaining pieces of her heart?

Caleb "Brick" Quinn knows he made the biggest mistake of his life when he turned his back on his quirky neighbor. He just didn't know how big a mistake. Not until the final piece of the terrorist plot he and his team have been working to dismantle for over a year leads him back to the one woman he wants and can't have. Problem is Skye wants nothing to do with him, leaving him no choice but to keep secrets in a desperate bid to keep her safe.

But secrets always have a way of coming out, and if he can't convince Skye to trust him then the sun, moon, and stars of his world will go out forever, leaving him trapped in the dark.