Fatal Risk

He doesn’t do emotion, she lives by her emotions, how can they ever work as a couple?

Julia Garamond is a reporter who won't let go once she catches a hint of a story, and this one is personal to her. When she crosses paths with one of Prey Security's teams she knows together they can take down the powerful Mikhailov Bratva who she believes is involved in a plot to overthrow the government. The last thing she expected was to meet a man who stirs up new feelings. Feelings she won't run from no matter how much he wants her to.

Dominick "Domino" Tanner doesn't trust anyone. Especially not the fiery redheaded reporter who pushes his every button. He learned as a young child to lock down his emotions and that's how he lives his life, only sweet, stubborn, crazy Julia is ripping through those barriers without even trying.

But his past is about to come back to haunt not just him but the woman who somehow managed to creep inside his heart.