Extreme Risk

Can she accept an offer of help from a patient she’s attracted to?

Dr. Piper Hamilton is used to keeping on the fringes. She knows what it's like to be responsible for the death of someone you love and she'd do anything to protect herself from feeling that pain again. But now she's being stalked and a man she's been attracted to for years is offering her not only his protection but a chance at happiness as well. Only problem is he's a patient which makes him off limits.

Antonio "Arrow" Eden has been attracted to the pretty doctor ever since he met her, but after almost losing his life he's decided it's time to make his move. He's a fixer, a healer, and he'd do anything to wipe away the sadness he sees lurking in Piper's eyes. When he learns she's in danger he'll do whatever it takes to keep her safe, until he realizes he might be the biggest threat of all.

With a stalker circling closer, and demons from their pasts standing in the way, Arrow and Piper might never get a chance to have the happy ending they both desperately want.