Fighting for Cassidy

Coming September 10th 2024

She embodies his deepest insecurities.

Cassidy Caddel's whole life has centered around her high IQ. When the mole at Prey almost blows her up she becomes fixated on solving clues to find the locations of six more bombs. But she didn't count on the man who saved her life deciding he was going to play bodyguard, or the way her body responds to him even though she knows nothing will happen between them since he seems to hate her. How can she balance her sense of duty with her own growing needs?

Navy SEAL Luis Aguilar knows that he and Cassie come from two very different worlds. But despite his best efforts not to fall for her he can't seem to help himself. After failing once before he doesn't want anyone else in his life to become a responsibility, but bombs have been set and Cassie is determined to be the one to find them, and he'll have to do whatever it takes to keep her alive. Even if that means opening himself up to the possibility of falling in love.